About me

About me

You want to feel & look good in your little black dress (LBD) and skinny jeans. But you’re telling yourself, “I don’t have time.” “It’s too hard.” “I’ve tried!”

What you really want is to feel confident, bounce with energy & unleash your fabulous (dare I say sexy?) self unto the world.

Your road to success doesn’t require a miracle. Or a life of green smoothies, carrot sticks & yoga (unless you want it to!). Getting the change you crave doesn’t have to mean turning your life upside-down.

Here’s how I can help:

I’m a Nutrition & Lifestyle coach but I wasn’t always.

I used to have a demanding career in advertising & I was always running on empty. My moods, energy & digestion were screwed. My unhealthy choices were wreaking havoc on my health.

My life lacked balance. Big time.

I’ve been there & I know, only too well, how life can quickly spiral out of control.

My own journey to health led me to my now career, supporting fabulous (wo)men to indulge & have it all. I can teach you how to beat the bloat, kick sugar habits once & for all, and enjoy confidence & control in your life again.

What can working with me do for you?

Find out – book your free 30 minute session with me now.

“Good news! Tried on my skinny jeans today & no more muffin top!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Leila for your support! I couldn’t have done it without you x”

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