Are you crazy busy? Always on the go? Often eating on the run?

Somedays I bet it’s a real struggle not reaching for that next piece of chocolate, cup of coffee or muffin just to get you through your hectic day?!

You are not alone.

I’ve been there, I totally understand. That used to be me too.

Not only that but these are common complaints for so many busy men + women trying to balance work + life.

Don’t freak out – but It is likely you are a sugar addict – not because you want to be ( I know!) but because your body is starved of energy and looking for a quick fix. Your sex drive might be low, you could be gaining weight, suffering with poor sleep and just generally feel out of whack?!

I know exactly what you are going through, when this was me, I didn’t feel emotionally or physically centred and I had a whole host of digestive issues, food allergies, fatigue and inflammation to deal with as welL – it wasn’t pretty!

Through my training as a Health Coach I learned alot about process foods like sugar and the effects on your body + your energy. I was able to heal myself and I’ve gone on to help many others since – all victim of the same daily struggles.

Often we think we are reaching for foods on the run that are healthy enough; packaged cereal/granola bars, cinnamon oatmeal, wheat products, low fat, fat and sugar free etc. but believe me – they can be doing more harm than good and more often than not = chemical s%*t storm!

If you feel enough is enough and you are ready for change.

Then it is time to put you first, lets ditch the sugar and learn to use foods that refuel you!

Lets say goodbye to the bad foods you’ve unwillingly relied on for too long that have drained your energy yet left you wanting more.

On the 13th + 14th August I will be running a completely FREE 2 DAY, 5 STEP REFUEL CHALLENGE that will help you to enjoy endless energy + weight loss just by breaking free from foods that don’t serve you!

I know you are busy, I know you need simple ways to improve your health that won’t take lots of your time – lets face it, you don’t have any!

It is time to decrease the inflammation that causes your headaches, fatigue, belly bloat, eye circles, poor sleep habits, weight gain and so much more.

Trust me, you’ll never feel better.

In this e-guide, I am sharing with you what worked for me (& so many others!) and I hope it can work for you too.

As a health and wellness warrior I specialise in detoxification and I am here to help you get off the sugar roller coaster and transition into a healthy, more vibrant life.

YES please sign me up to the 2 day challenge NOW! 

2 days is all we need for you to start feeling better about you…

I’m excited for you to feel good again.



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