“Leila has been a vital part of my journey. Her kindness and genuine care was present every moment of every day. In my moments of self doubt, she was always there to pick me up, dust me off, and set me straight. Her knowledge and passion always shines through. I’m so grateful to call her my friend and to have her in my life when I feel like I have no one. She’s never judgmental and gives honest and constructive advice, while doing everything she can to help you in every direction. I can’t thank her enough for the time and love she gave to me – it made all the difference.”
– Caitlin McElwee, Philadelphia USA
“Since I’ve started my Nutritional Cleansing Program Leila has been with me every step of the way. Whenever I had a question or wasn’t sure what was happening during my cleanse she had an answer or if she didn’t she would go out of her way and get me an answer to help me. She’s has a go getter type of personality and as a coach she’s does everything in her power to help with my needs and she is good at helping me realize things that I didn’t realize about my daily habits before. She’s an awesome sweet girl with passion of being, feeling, and living a clean, healthy, fabulous lifestyle. And of course a great friend!”
– Rachel Elumba, USA
“It was during a period of both personal and professional confusion and hardship that I first had coaching sessions with Leila. Leila was always a calm, supportive and empathic voice of counsel. Her sincere, compassionate and heartfelt advice, balanced in directness and honesty, was mirror reminding me of internal strength and wisdom that I could only have re-grasped with Leila’s perspective.
Her coaching allowed me to see beyond my current situation and apply reason and rationale to take me from where I was to where I had wanted to be. My confidence, self-belief and self-realisation are attributes to the journey Leila has helped me through.
A year later, I am now a much happier, well rounded individual, who has regained control of my life’s compass; this has materialised in every area of my life from a recent promotion, to healthier friendship circles, to overcoming past relationship and being open to new adventures. I could not recommend Leila highly enough; I would not be where I am without her kindness, encouragement and words of wisdom.”
– Sarah Wasif, London
“I can honestly say Leila’s coaching has been one of the most fundamentally positive and influential experiences of my life. Open, honest, empathetic and constructive she motivated me to levels I didn’t know possible. The support of the right people is crucial and through a very personal and challenging journey with food, Leila was indispensable. I wholeheartedly recommend”
– Amy Walker, London
“In January I decided to do something with my over all health and wellbeing. I contacted Leila Glover due to a friend’s recommendation. What a great recommendation that was. Leila firstly spent time talking to me about, Me, My lifestyle, Food and what I was looking for and wanting to achieve.
Leila suggested we look at my ‘blood type’ and explore what benefits I can gain from changing to food types my body/blood was more in line with. She derived and supplied an in-depth programme of which I have slowly introduced into my daily living. Yes some things I have had to give up, but we worked through ways to replace these.
It’s been easy, fun, and in only 4 months made an amazing difference. I feel more alert, I have more energy, I can concentrate more, and I am not so tired after a days work. My skin feels and looks great and my clothes fit better, I am motivated to keep at it because the results are noticeable and manageable for me.
Leila has been providing great support for me via bi-weekly Skype meetings – she listens, provides support and works with me.
We are now moving forward with an easy plan to help me lose a few more kilos – I will keep you posted on my progress. If you are looking to feel better, be healthier or even lose some weight the correct way, then please talk to Leila, it has been for me the best decision.”
– Chris Goldsmith, Auckland
“Working with Leila has been such an eye opener, I had no idea that so much of what I was doing was so wrong and that so much could change so quickly with some targeted tweaks – it wasn’t all easy but with her support and simple strategies I now feel more confident in myself than I have for years. Fabulous, thank you!”
– Jenny Adam
“Almost a year ago, I was unmotivated, negative, unhappy with my body and generally not having the best life experience. And I thought this was normal. Leila guided me through what I originally thought was just a nutrition thing. I didn’t expect much from it, I already thought I was fairly healthy but I wanted some help to push me a little further to get rid of some stubborn fat. Because of Leila’s incredible support, guidance and advice I now not only feel amazing (and look amazing – cough cough), I am actually excited about my life, I love waking up every day, I have energy, I am focused, I am living. Leila, thank you. I have my life back and MORE.”
– Deb Wills, Sydney
“My experience with Nutritional Cleansing is incredible. As a mum of 4, I went from feeling sluggish and tired to having high increase in energy. I could see results with muscle building and found that really impressive. I had lost just over 7kg in a short amount of time and felt better like never before. I had Leila who was an awesome support during my first 30day program. She was with right to the end. Overall I love love love it…”
– Koroma Joseph, Perth
“My role as a Entrepreneur and MD in rapid growth tech scene leading 100s of people is super exciting and very demanding. To grow as we wish to we need to be super fit mind and body – to me both are interlinked. Last year i was slipping, stress was taking its toll on my mind and body resulting in simply just feeling not my best and my body slipping. Working with Leila on diet and incorporating the Isagenix system saw me maintain my energy, mindset and ultimately get a body state that I felt proud of! Thanks Leila!!”
– Josh Gilbertson, London

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