Want a snack that’s not only healthy, but tasty and full of nutrition? One that will maybe even help you to whittle your waistline?

Introducing… The protein ball.

These bite-size snacks are the perfect way to enjoy something yummy while also packing a whopping nutritional punch.

protein balls

You can use any kind of protein powder for these balls, but I highly recommend giving undenatured whey protein powder a try. Isagenix has a couple of options, both of which are natural, organic and come from certified ‘Happy’ cows!

Worried about dairy, don’t be – book a call with me to discuss the best products for your individual needs. Book your call.

This protein ball has a lot of healthy ingredients. In one serving, you’re getting:

  • Antioxidants from raw cacao
  • Omega-3s from flax seeds
  • Magnesium for muscle relaxation from sunflower seeds
  • Anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties of shredded coconut
  • Metabolic boost from coconut oil

Try whipping up this tasty treat to satisfy your taste buds AND provide a whopping nutritive punch!

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