I LOVE that I enjoy these delicious shakes EVERYday withOUT fail, even MORE so now that I am pregnant. I’m a pretty clean eater most of the time anyway (80/20) and now that I need to consider growing a healthy baby not alot has had to change which is GREAT.

Each day I FUEL my body with all of these nutrients in ONE hit (1-2 times daily) plus my 3 fresh whole food meals (I eat 5 times, this suits my lifestyle + training needs, it is different for everyone). These shakes are in my opinion a SUPERFOOD.

Super TASTY, super NUTRITIOUS + super CONVENIENT which is perfect for me….I always say high maintenance finish with low maintenance effort = WINNING

In each shake withOUT adding anything other than WATER I FUEL my body with :

nutritious-shake ✔️ 8g Fibre = 4 Tbsp Linseed
✔️ 24g Carbohydrate = 1/4 Cup cooked quinoa with 2 small beetroots
✔️ 24g Protein = 4 Eggs
✔️ 240mg Calcium = 1 1/2 cups cottage cheese
✔️ 70mcg Folate = 3/4 cup brussel sprouts
✔️ 2.5mcg Vitamin D = 200g cod fillets
✔️ 3mg Iron = 170g tenderloin steak
✔️ 4mg Zinc = 2 cups baked beans
✔️ 380mcg Potassium = 1 Banana
✔️ 54mcg Iodine = 1 tbsp cooked seaweed
✔️ 187.5mcg Vitamin A = 1 red Capsicum
✔️ 80mg Magnesium = 1/2 cup cooked spinach

All of the equivalent ‘food’ listed would likely come with a range of HORMONES, CHEMICALS, PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES, FUNGICIDES and LARVICIDES too which, typically, are hard to avoid on a daily basis from our standard food supply. Not to mention the calorie intake AND the cost, i’m estimating over $20 / £7 or so BUT it would also take more time than I want to spend in prep. NO THANK YOU.

There are LOTS more incredible ingredients too which is exactly why I take them everyday (+ have done for almost 2 years), AND why I refuse not to have them throughout this pregnancy and FOREVER and why I literally hail them as my SUPERFOOD :

✔️✔️ 60 essential micro nutrients
✔️✔️ 11 amino acids
✔️✔️ 2 essential fatty acids
✔️✔️ 13 vitamins
✔️✔️ 21 minerals
✔️✔️ 7 enzymes
✔️✔️ 6 probiotics

✔️✔️✔️ 30 secs to prep AND then 30 seconds to drink ALL of this GOODNESS – YES PLEASE #winning#easy#nutritious#healthy#convenience#yourchoice#ichoose#healthcoach#mindbodyblitz

Want to enjoy this too? Ask me how here – it is EASY! x

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